Big Goal Strategy Session

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Big Goal Strategy Session


Are you hoping to repay your student loan debt but aren’t sure which strategy to use? Dreaming about buying a house but don’t know how much money you need to save? We all have big financial goals we’d like to obtain “someday” but we get stalled out along the way. Ready to make your goal a reality? Join me for a Big Goal Strategy Session!

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Before the session, you’ll complete a goal inventory where you will tell me more about your specific goal, the cost, the timeline, and any progress you’ve made so far. This is a great time to do some of the research you may have been avoiding. The more specific your responses, the more fruitful our session will be. Still not sure about certain parts of your goal? Don’t worry, we can work on discovering the answers together during our session, too.

Through the 1-hour session, we’ll:

o   Break down your goal into manageable bite-sized pieces

o   Identify the barriers standing in your way

o   Develop a realistic plan you can actually stick to

o   Pinpoint milestones on your journey to meeting your goal and ways to celebrate your achievement

Wondering what goal you might discuss? Here are a few ideas: funding a wedding, repaying debt, funding your child’s education, building an emergency fund, saving for your dream vacation, creating a budget you can actually maintain, and more!

Depending on the size of your goal and how much work you’ve done in advance, you may need more than one session to complete your goal. If you’re interested in signing up for additional sessions, check out my Add-On Coaching Sessions.

Have questions? Aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to commit? Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute coaching conversation to see if this session is right for you!