Pre-Marriage Money Coaching Session


Pre-Marriage Money Coaching Session


Want to start your marriage off on the right foot? Through my assessment and 1.5 hour session, I’ll help you understand your partner’s money history, beliefs, and habits so you can work together as a team.

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Before you come to the session, I ask you each to take a 25-minute survey that explores the role finances have played in your life and how that has shaped your current attitudes about money, inventories your current financial situation, and invites you to name your financial goals. I’ll pair your surveys together to see where you are financially aligned and where you need to grow. I’ll also provide you with personalized, financial questions for you and your partner to explore both during and after our time together.

Through the accompanying 1.5 hour conversation, we’ll:

·      Gain alignment around your shared values, dreams, and goals

·      Explore your individual strengths and growth areas when it comes to money

·      Find ways to help you better work together as a financial team

·      Decide together on what next steps you need to take

Worried about being judged for your money habits? Don’t worry – this session is about growth not shame – I’ll focus on the positive habits you can use to make your financial goals a reality.

You’ll leave the session with a better understanding of yourself, your partner, as well as how you might align your money and your values to create a more fulfilling life.

Have questions? Aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to commit? Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute coaching conversation to see if this session is right for you!