Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to be on stage - whether I was reading at a wedding, performing in a play, or sharing an inspiring message. Over the last six years, I’ve grown my speaking skills from informal presentations to small groups to conference keynotes reaching hundreds. With engaging stories, practical tips, and inspirational messaging, I’ll show you how to make money your friend in all facets of your life.


Signature Talks

All of my signature talks can be presented in a 1-hour keynote address, 90-minute interactive workshop, or expanded into a half-day workshop, and customized to meet the precise needs of your audience whether it’s a corporate meeting, conference, or retreat.

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Featured TALK: How to Make Money Your Friend in Life, Work, & Love

  • Connect your money + your values to create a more fulfilling life

  • Demystify and make full use of your employer benefits

  • Find financial alignment as a couple to work toward your shared goals


Making money your friend at work

  • Understand what benefits you are receiving from your employer

  • Make a plan for retirement

  • Discover what you are worth and how to negotiate (if you need to)


Making money your friend IN Love

  • Understand your own and your partner’s money story

  • Find alignment on where you are today & where you are going

  • Discover ways to reduce anxiety and work together as a team


Making money your friend After graduation

  • Craft a fulfilling life after college

  • Create a sustainable plan to repay your student loans

  • Negotiate your first compensation & benefits package

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