Date Night Club (June 2019): Personality Mismatch

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Let's start with an icebreaker question ...

When money first comes into your hands what’s the first thing you want to do with it – spend it, save it, or give it away? Don’t judge yourself – what’s your first inclination?

Before jumping in to our topic for the month, let's check in with your budget ...

  • Did you stay on track for the month? If not, what are 1-2 steps you can each take to get back on track?

  • Did you make the things that are most important to you, the things that most align with your values, a financial priority this month? What's one thing can you each do over the next month to move these things up on the priority list?

This month we’ll be digging into money personalities ...

We’ll unpack your money personality and your partner’s personality as well as see how you can maximize the strengths of each of your personalities. I often find that most of the conflicts that couples face can be traced back to differences in money personality. Finding a way to value each other’s strengths and become aware of your own blind spots is the first step to better money communication.

But before we get into all that, let’s take a closer look at the four money personalities …

Now it’s your turn, ask yourselves …

  • Which money personality do you resonate with most? Why? What’s one time where you’ve seen this personality in action?

  • What strengths come with this money personality? What’s one time you’ve seen this strength in action. Need help determining your strengths? Check out this blog post.

A little timid to brag about yourself? Don’t be! This is an important step to building your financial confidence. We each have strengths and blind spots when it comes to money – even the financial experts. Partners, this is a great time to jump in with an encouraging word about your partner’s personality, even if you don’t have the same one.

  • What blind spots come with your money personality? What’s one time when this blind spot came into play? Need help identifying your blind spots? Check out this blog post.

  • Looking at the other three personalities which do you think is your secondary personality?

Once you’ve both had a chance to share give each other a high-five. You’re half-way there! Recognizing your own strengths and growing edges is vitally important when it comes to talking about money. Now, let’s see how these two personalities mesh.

  • What’s one time where your money personalities worked well together? How did your strengths and blind spots come into play in that moment?

I’m convinced that differing money personalities can actually be a blessing, not a curse. When you bring your strengths together, you create your money superpower – how cool is that? Follow the steps in this blog post to identify your money superpower.

  • What’s your money superpower? How do your strengths help to fill in each other’s blind spots?

  • What’s one time when your money personalities clashed? How did your strengths and blind spots come into play in that moment? If you go back right now, what advice would you give yourself?

  • What practices will you employ in the future to combine your forces for good and not for ill?

But what if you have the same money personality?

In reality, that’s a great problem to have! You’re less likely to disagree on how you use money. But, since your strengths overlap you’re also likely to have a bigger, shared blind spot – which can be dangerous. If you have the same money personality, explore the differences in how you express this personality. Likely, it’s not entirely identical. Also, dig further into your secondary personalities. You may need to over represent those secondary personalities in your money conversations to make sure you are making balanced financial decisions. Last, I encourage you to zero in on your shared blind spot. Is there anyone in your life who has that blind spot as a strength? How might you learn from them? How might you bring their voice to the table in future money conversations to ensure you aren’t missing out on an important opportunity to create a more balanced financial life?

Before we bring this date night to a close, let's check in with your goals ...

  • Do you think these goals still fit? Do you need to make any changes? Don't be afraid to make a change to a goal that is no longer serving you.

  • What progress have you made toward your goals this month?

  • What next steps (if any) do you need to take this month?

See? That wasn't as hard as you thought!

What’s your money superpower? I’d love to hear about it! Hit "reply" and let me know. Have questions about money personalities or how to find your collective money superpower? I'm happy to help! Send me an email at: