Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to be on stage - whether I was reading at a wedding, performing in a play, or sharing an inspirational message. Over the last six years, I’ve grown my speaking skills from informal workshop presentations to conference keynotes reaching hundreds. With engaging stories, practical tips, and inspirational messaging, I’ll show you how to make money your friend in all facets of your life.

Over the last six years, I have …

  • Delivered 40+ keynote addresses at conferences and regional events

  • Facilitated 45+ financial wellness and pre-retirement seminars serving over 1,300 people

  • Presented and/or moderated 45+ webinars serving over 5,000 people

  • Created 40+ brief, educational videos and broadcasted 10+ Facebook Live events

  • Led 15+ interactive workshops for conference and event attendees

  • Presenting at over 80 events across the country

I’d love to add your next event to the list!

Signature Talks

All of my signature talks can be presented in a 1-hour keynote address, 90-minute interactive workshop, or expanded into a half-day workshop, and customized to meet the precise needs of your audience whether it’s a corporate meeting, conference, or retreat.

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Featured TALK: How to Make Money Your Friend in Life, Work, & Love

  • Connect your money + your values to create a more fulfilling life

  • Demystify and make full use of your employer benefits

  • Find financial alignment as a couple to work toward your shared goals


Making money your friend at work

  • Understand and better utilize employee benefits

  • Prioritize competing financial goals

  • Create a realistic retirement plan


Making money your friend IN Love

  • Understand your own and your partner’s money story

  • Find alignment on where you are today & where you are going

  • Discover ways to reduce anxiety and work together as a team


Making money your friend After graduation

  • Craft a fulfilling life after college

  • Create a sustainable plan to repay your student loans

  • Negotiate your first compensation & benefits package

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What makes me unique?

I put my heart and soul into every presentation that I give - whether I’m helping people better communicate about money with their partner, understand their workplace benefits, or create a concrete plan to make their dreams come alive. I truly believe that what we do with our money matters. Working with a financial coach transformed the way I see my money as well as how I use it every day. I know that making money your friend has the power to change every facet of your life.

I weave inspirational stories, many from my own life, throughout my presentations to help participants reflect on where they are today and where they’d like to be. I invite them to take a step back so they can take a more confident step forward. Visualizing where you want to go is often the first step to getting there.

Inspiration is wonderful - but only if it is grounded in practical tips. There are a lot of financial guidance that isn’t grounded in real life experience. I meet people where they are and offer them small, concrete steps they can easily use to build their financial confidence.

I’m an educator, not an advisor. I’m here to help people break down complicated financial topics and make sense of their financial life, not sell them an investment or a financial product. My only vested interest is the learning and development of the people I serve.

I’m not afraid to say “I don’t know.” When I receive a question, I’m open about what I do and don’t know. If I don’t know the answer, I do the necessary research and get back to the participant in a timely manner. As an educator, I’m always learning. I create a space where any question is welcome - even if it sounds stupid - and no one needs to pretend that they know more than they do. Creating that vulnerable space begins with me.

Grace Pomroy is extremely knowledgeable and articulate. She’s a phenomenal presenter, managing to be both personal and professional. She is patient and kind; she listens well; she has great insights; she’s well organized; she has high energy; she moves the program along briskly, yet is never rushed, and takes time to make sure that the participants comprehend what is being said. [It] was the single best financial workshop I’ve ever experienced!
— Seminar Participant
Grace Pomroy is an engaging and dynamic public speaker. From the moment she begins speaking, she holds the rapt attention of her audience. She speaks directly from her own experience, which makes what she says more meaningful. When I heard her speak to a group which included people of all ages, from millennials to boomers, each age group found her presentation informative, compelling and meaningful.
— Bruce Rockwell, Retired Assistant to the Bishop for Stewardship, Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts
Our faith-based foundation had the opportunity to engage Grace Pomroy as a speaker at an annual conference attending by over 300. Her speaking style was upbeat and refreshing, her grasp of the topic of money and financial wellness for individuals and congregations was strong, and her perspective as a Millennial made the presentation one of the highlights of our conference.
— Brenda Skelton, CEO of the Siebert Lutheran Foundation
I could not believe someone that young could build a rapport with a bunch of [people] looking retirement in the eye ... Her confidence and knowledge shines through and gives her credibility. She finds creative ways to use her young experiences as a bridge to relate to a generation old enough to be her parents. This was a very engaged group asking frequent and insightful questions and she never missed a beat.
— Seminar Participant
Grace is a knowledgeable and inspiring facilitator, very adept at offering valuable insights on how to reach younger people. She shared the right mix of well-researched statistics with dynamic storytelling to connect with our participants. We feel she is one of the best presenters we’ve had; she has outstanding speaking skills and her passion for stewardship is contagious. Grace is an excellent leader!
— Rev. Phyllis M. Bowers, Executive Director of The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation
Grace’s presentations are always first-class. Her content is always excellent and her presentation style is both well-organized and very comfortable. She regularly seeks input from her audience, and hears both their questions, and the “questions behind the questions.”
— Chick Lane, Speaker & Author
Looking for a dynamic speaker that keeps your audience thoroughly engaged? If so I would highly recommend Grace Pomroy. She presented to a group of lay and clergy concerning generational and inspirational generosity. The participants’ reviews were excellent. Grace brings a deep understanding of her subject and shares it in an easily understandable way.
— Rick Young, President & CEO of the Texas Presbyterian Foundation
Grace led a morning workshop on stewardship for leaders in our churches. The participants found her to be energizing and thoughtful. Her presentation was grounded in solid research and gave them lots of practical tips to take home. Many of our churches are continuing to use the book she co-authored as a resource for their ministries.
— Deborah Rexrode, Associate for Stewardship at the Presbytery of the James
Grace brings a breath of fresh air to her perspective about money and its role in our lives. Her presentations are always interesting and full of good information. And…she’s super easy to work with!
— Cesie Delve Scheuermann, “Inspiring Generosity” blogger and fundraiser at CesieScheuermann.com
Having heard Grace Pomroy speak in several venues and contexts, I always come away with a new perspective! Grace’s presentations are insightful, creative, and engaging and delivered with wisdom and warmth. She inspires her listeners with her faith and her passion for the possibilities grounded in God’s work in the world. Thank you, Grace!
— Rev. Stacy Emerson, Pastor and Stewardship Consultant for ABCUSA
Grace Pomroy spoke at an Embracing Stewardship event we held in the East Central Synod of WI. She brought the fresh, honest approach of Millennial’s, a generation of people who want to make a difference in their life and the lives of those around them. She helped us to understand that knowing our ‘why’ to what we do, to where we give compels us to give more. We discovered the importance of sharing our stories to remind us of why we are people of faith. Grace is a dynamic, innovative presenter who helped us understand they why and the how to doing God’s work in the work today through acts of generosity.
— Darlene Kalfahs, Assistant to the Bishop, East Central Synod of Wisconsin ELCA