Date Night Club (March 2019): Digging Into the Details

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Let's start with an icebreaker question ...

If you could receive a check for $1,000 today or a raise of $100/month, which would you choose and how would you use the extra money?

Now check out this video ...

So how did tracking your spending go ...

Um, not so much ...
It’s ok. Take a deep breath and press on. If just one partner struggled, don’t use this as an excuse to begin shaming and blaming one another. Instead, take this time to get to the root of the problem and find a solution that will work for you both. This is about working together as a team – no individual medals are awarded here.

Ask yourselves:

  • What barriers got in the way this month?

  • Do you need to change your strategy? Don’t be afraid to try a new approach.

    • Track it down in a notebook

    • Collect your receipts and enter them into a spreadsheet (here are some great, free spreadsheet templates)

    • Use a tracking app like my personal favorite Mint

I’m going to invite you to be brave and give this another try again this month. Then, once you’ve completed the task, you can proceed with the rest of this email next month.

Really struggling to make this happen? You’re not alone. This is often where a lot of people get stuck. Start by just tracking one week and see what you find out.

We did it!
Way to go! Tracking your spending for a full month is not an easy task. This is a great time for a high five, hug, or cheers!

Then, ask yourselves:

  • What was the most surprising thing you discovered during the last month?

  • Did you find any areas where you were spending more than you expected?

  • Did you find any areas where you were spending less?

  • What does the way you use your money say about you both as individuals and as a couple?

Let's take it to the next level ...

Make the most of all of that data you collected by working through my 20-minute financial check-in worksheet . We’ll use the data you’ve collected to begin connecting your money and your values and see how you can make those big goals a reality.

Before we bring this date night to a close, let's check in with your goals ...

  • Do you think these goals still fit? Do you need to make any changes? Don't be afraid to make a change to a goal that is no longer serving you.

  • What progress have you made toward your goals this month?

  • What next steps (if any) do you need to take this month outside of tracking your spending?

See? That wasn't as hard as you thought!

Have questions about tracking your spending or my 20-minute financial check-in worksheet? I'm happy to help! Send me an email at: