Date Night Club (May 2019): Getting Your Ducks in a Row


Let's start with an icebreaker question ...

What's one savings goal that you've worked hard toward and met? How did it feel when you finally met that goal?

Before jumping in to our topic for the month, let's check in with your budget ...

  • Did you stay on track for the month? If not, what are 1-2 steps you can each take to get back on track?

  • Did you make the things that are most important to you, the things that most align with your values, a financial priority this month? What's one thing can you each do over the next month to move these things up on the priority list?

Ever feel like you have too many goals and not enough money ...

I hear you! I've never met someone who had too much money and too little goals, it's always the other way around. There always seem to be more giving, spending, and saving opportunities than we can fit in our budgets. So, how do you begin to balance all of these competing priorities? Are there things that naturally need to come first? What do the experts have to say?

In this month’s video, I’ll walk you through four key priorities that should be on everyone's list  ...

Let's do a quick inventory of the big four ...

  1. Have you created a realistic budget? Hopefully the answer here is "yes" or at least "it's a work in progress." Still struggling to get this budgeting piece to fit? Don't hesitate to hit "reply" on this email to see if there is a better way you can budget to fit your lifestyle and personality.

  2. Have you started an emergency fund? Only 40% of Americans would pay a $1,000 emergency from savings. If you're not already, I want you to be part of that 40%. A cushion like this can function as your "insurance policy" against the unexpected as you begin to save up for your other big goals. Got the first $1,000 covered - good for you! Start saving up for the bigger goal of 3-6 months of expenses. Wondering how much you should be aiming for? Check out this Money under 30 article. The best way to approach an emergency fund is to put away a small percentage of your budget each month until you reach your target.

  3. Have you eliminated your high interest debt? That's debt with an interest rate of 10% or more - generally associated with credit cards - but may also be associated with some private student loans and medical debt. Need some help paying off that debt? Check out this blog article.

  4. Have you started saving for retirement? I realize for many of you retirement might feel like the furthest goal from your mind - but starting early is key to retirement success. Create a plan to get you there one step at a time. Wondering why this goal is important and how you can make this goal happen? Check out this blog article.

Have all four checked off? Way to go! Keep on track with your plan for the bigger goals on this list as you begin to tackle the other goals in your life.

Haven't checked these off? Begin tackling them in the order listed above. Do your best to make these goals a priority even if that means setting aside some other goals you might be working on to make these happen.

Before we bring this date night to a close, let's check in with your goals ...

  • Do you think these goals still fit? Do you need to make any changes? Don't be afraid to make a change to a goal that is no longer serving you.

  • What progress have you made toward your goals this month?

  • What next steps (if any) do you need to take this month?

See? That wasn't as hard as you thought!

Have questions about balancing multiple financial priorities? Send me an email at: and let me know!