BONUS POST: Envision a New Financial Life – For Less

Happy Black Friday! Today, you’re in for a brief, bonus post highlighting my Black Friday deal:  I’m offering my Marriage & Money survey + a bonus 30-minute online coaching session — a $149 value — all for just $49!

If you are married or engaged, here are seven reasons why you should take advantage of this deal:

1.     Expand Your Relationship Universe: When it’s just the two of you, it’s easy to get stuck in your own relationship bubble: nurturing habits you’re aligned on (both good and bad), ignoring things that make you both nervous, and duking it out over those topics you don’t agree on. An objective third party can offer you an honest assessment of your money habits, point out blind spots, and bring an empathetic perspective to your differences. You’ll leave with a new vision of your joint financial life.

2.     Get to Know Your Partner (and Yourself) Better: No matter how long you’ve been married, there’s always more to learn about your partner. The survey will give you both space to unpack long-held beliefs and money habits as well as to name your growing dreams for the future.

3.     Find Practical Ways to Meet in the Middle: Let’s face it: Every marriage has rough edges, especially when it comes to money. I’ll provide you with a confidential place to name your concerns, gain compassion for your partner’s perspective, and learn concrete ways to help you find a middle ground you can both be happy with.

4.     See Where You Stand: Have you ever wondered, “Is this normal?” One of the benefits of filling out a survey is that you can see not only where you stand in relation to one another but also where you stand in relation to other couples. Discover your strengths and growth areas as a couple in relationship compared to other couples I’ve surveyed over the last year.

5.     Crack Open the Conversation: Ready to get a much longer, on-going money conversation started? I’ll leave you with a list of personalized discussion questions to help you keep the conversation going long after you meet with me. These questions will help you explore new financial territory, unpack some of your money beliefs, and better understand your partner’s perspective.

6.     Judgement-Free Zone to Ask Questions: During our session together, we’ll review the survey but I’ll also leave plenty of time for questions. Whether you are curious about how much you should be saving for retirement, how to maximize your student loan repayment options, the best place to invest your emergency fund money, or something else entirely, you can take advantage of my financial education experience. There are no stupid questions — I’m all ears.

7.     Find Financial Alignment: By far, the best reason to purchase this deal is to make a great investment in your relationship by finding financial alignment. You’ll leave with a solid sense of where you are today, where you are going, and the practical steps you need to take next to get there. You can head into the new year on strong financial footing! What could be better?

Remember: It’s just $49 for my Marriage & Money survey and a bonus, free 30-minute online coaching session with me! You’ve got until Tuesday, Nov. 27 to opt in to this great deal. Don’t miss this opportunity! As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to Contact me to learn more.

Know someone else who might benefit from this deal? Share this post with them! I can’t wait to work with you and your partner to connect your money, your values, and your relationship so you can create a more fulfilling life together!

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