SPECIAL VIDEO EDITION: Upgrade Your Date Nights in 2019

Looking to up the ante on your date nights in 2019? Be brave enough to talk about money with your partner. I get it, this can be a stressful topic. But here are a few questions to help you break the ice …

Icebreakers can be helpful, but sometimes you need a third party to help you cut through the drama and get to the heart of an issue. When I think about the things I would have wanted when my husband and I started talking about marriage and money a moderator is on the top of the list! I wish that someone could have joined us for our conversations - teaching us, guiding us, and inviting us to ask questions we hadn't considered before. It's so easy for relationship power dynamics to take over. Sometimes it's nice to sit back and let someone else lead the conversation.

While I (sadly) can't be there in person on each of your money dates, I'd love to be there virtually through my Date Night Club! Each month you'll get an email from me with an icebreaker question, short video on the financial theme for that month, discussion questions, and an activity to complete together. It's designed to take just 30 minutes and it's only $5/month! I truly believe that this will transform your financial life and your marriage life!

Today is the LAST DAY to get my date night subscription for just $5/month. If you’ve been procrastinating, today is the day to take action! Subscribe now!

Still on the fence? Check out this preview of the video that will be included in your first date night email …

Looking to get an early start on Valentine’s Day? This is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that both you and your partner can enjoy. It costs less than a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, steak dinner, even less than that extra special card. And, this gift can actually transform your relationship by boosting your financial confidence, providing a way to meaningfully connect with one another, and helping you make your money the efficient fuel for your financial goals.

Now’s the time! Instead of wasting $5 on a gift that won’t last, create lasting happiness in your marriage and money life. Join today!

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